Friendly Beds FB Model

Bed Transfer System for Bed Mobility

Friendly Beds FB Model Beds

Our most popular model, the Friendly Beds FB Model makes transfers safer and easier. Our system allows a person to help themselves improve their safety, independence, self-esteem, and a chance to build strength. It is just as important to reduce a risk of injury to care giver.

About the Friendly Beds FB Model

  • Can be customized to your needs
  • American-made product
  • Fits most twin, double, queen, king (off center), hospital, and adjustable beds
  • Adaptable to most headboards, footboards, bed frames & mattress height
  • Heavy duty system weighing 220 lbs.
  • Unique 3-foot-long trapeze
  • Pivoting assist rails (sturdy in three positions)
  • Vertical balance pole (to aid in standing and maintain balance)
  • Overhead lighting with remote
  • Options include:
    • Transfer bar (for people with little/no leg strength)
    • Over-the-bed nightstands
    • Snake lights
    • Bed wedges

A Note About This Product

Please note that this product and any options cannot be considered restraints of any kind. Due to entrapment possibilities, the system must be installed per the instructions and maintained at all times to minimize any injury potential. 

Users must be capable of understanding their physical surroundings and have the ability to understand and use the equipment properly without incurring injury.
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"I love it. It was worth every penny. I love all of the components – the trapeze, rails, balance pole, even the posts at the end of the bed." 

- Nancy
Bed Transfer Dog
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