Friendly Beds

Bed Trapeze, Bed Pole, Assist Rails for Bed Mobility

Beds for Independent Living

Friendly Beds offer increased independence and critical assistance to elderly and disabled people. These beds are affordable solutions for keeping yourself, or someone you love, safe at home as long as possible (also applies to independent and assisted living). Our Friendly Bed system allows you to delay or avoid the expensive costs of extended care facilities such as nursing homes. 

For many people just getting in or out of bed (and repositioning in bed) is their biggest mobility challenge and our Friendly Bed system can be the perfect solution. Friendly Beds are ideal for the mobility issues of Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, neuropathy, frailty, etc. – offering individuals with a reasonable level of independence and ability to maintain that independence as long as possible.  

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Features of Our Friendly Beds

  • Integrated, heavy-duty, and modular system of components
  • Works with most existing beds
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Easily assembled by a handy person
  • Engineered for strength and stability
  • Made in America
  • Freestanding - nothing attached to floor, ceiling, bed or wall
  • Nothing comparable on market
  • Patent Number - 9,089,461
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"People enjoy a higher quality of life in the home environment. Anything that allows them to safely stay there longer is a huge benefit. Walkers and lift chairs have been around a long time but there is finally a product that focuses on the bed area. The Friendly Bed System is very heavy-duty compared to the current lightweight aids on the market. I am confident in the quality and strength of the material used in the Friendly Bed System."

- Denis Ashauser, president, Home Helpers 
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