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By 7013064153 11 Dec, 2017
Friendly Beds can help people with Parkinsons struggling with bed mobility.  With Friendly Beds they can more easily move across a wide bed and transfer in/out of bed easier as well.  Have you heard of the U-step walker? It was can help people with Parkinsons who have issues with freezing while walking.  Want to know more about equipment to help those with Parkinsons?  Give us a call 920-257-4001 and see how we can help or recommend other Parkinsons product to help with independent daily living.
By 7013064153 08 Dec, 2017
Our assist rails on our FB Model move in 3 different positions with the touch of a button.  They are also super strong and  will not move (unless you push the buttons).   Plus you won't feel any uncomfortable bars under the mattress. Want more information- give us a call 920-257-4001. 
By 7013064153 04 Dec, 2017

We often get asked if we ship to Canada.  Yes, we work with a broker that will help ensure your Friendly Bed over the -order.  Give us a call if you have more questions- 920-257-4001.

By 7013064153 26 Nov, 2017
While we have 2  different models - Model FB with a long bed trapeze and Model TB with just a triangle trapeze.  However 95% of our customers prefer the Model FB with the long bed trapeze.  They enjoy grabbing anywhere on the length of the trapeze and it not moving down or adjusting when using it.  It also helps them move easier across a wide bed.    Both of our models allow the medical trapeze to move the length of the bed to what works best for our customer, however when pressure is applied the trapeze stays still.  
By 7013064153 23 Nov, 2017
By 7013064153 19 Nov, 2017
The Friendly Bed system has made getting in and out of bed much easier and safer for me.  I can now easily get in and position and re position myself in bed, on my own, once I'm in there!"  Want to see more of what Friendly Beds has done for our customers - check out our testimonials page.  Also, give us a call 920-257-4001 to be our next happy customer!
By 7013064153 14 Nov, 2017
Friendly Beds is unique itself with it's long trapeze, pivoting assist rails in 3 positions, vertical balance pole and overhead lighting on remote.  However people have more individualize needs and need more then what the Friendly Beds offer, so we make changes to help.  Want an additional trapeze near the foot of the bed for another place to transfer in/out of bed, a foot trapeze to raise your foot up to reduce pain on your back, or vertical balance poles on both sides of the bed?  Give us a call 920-257-4001 to see how we can help!
By 7013064153 10 Nov, 2017
Did you know that Friendly Beds is a Made in America product? We use local fab shops to create the components of Friendly Beds to ensure the our customer is getting a quality product. Have questions? Give us a call 920-257-4001
By 7013064153 07 Nov, 2017
We exhibited Friendly Beds yesterday at the IRIS show,  we love to show off how people can remain safe & independent at home by helping improve their bed mobility!  Friendly Beds also helps reduce the risk of injury to caregivers.  Call now to see how we can help- 920-257-4001.
By 7013064153 03 Nov, 2017
November is National Family Caregivers Month.  Friendly Beds can help keep people independent with bed transfers while reducing risk of injury to the caregivers.    Remain at home longer safely.  Call now for special pricing!
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