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Bed Transfers Made Easy with our Trapeze Bed Systems.
Increased Bed Mobility for the
Elderly, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, and Spinal Cord Injury Patients.

Friendly Beds® is the flagship product of Bill-Ray Home Mobility, LLC, which provides innovative, assistive devices to the bed mobility challenged — particularly the elderly, disabled, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury patients, and rehab patients. Maintaining one’s independence is important and Bill-Ray Home Mobility assists in that by providing products to improve the mobility, comfort, and safety of people in need of assistance. Friendly Beds  offers multiple benefits to the elderly and people with long-term disability issues (stroke / MS / Parkinson's / wheelchair users, etc.), as well as people with temporary needs (recovering from hip / knee replacements, back surgeries, etc.) to improve their bed mobility. The Friendly Bed System may be the critical component needed to delay or avoid the high costs of assisted living or nursing home facilities.

Bill-Ray, of Appleton, Wisconsin, is a nation-wide supplier of the Friendly Bed Systems as well as other complimentary products to improve independence and quality of life to people in the home-care and extended care markets. For example, the Model FB Friendly Bed offers trapeze bars, assist rails, balance pole, lighting, over the mattress nightstands, TV mounts, exercise equipment, and many other features in a heavy-duty integrated design that is unique to the marketplace. This free-standing model fits over an existing bed allowing an opportunity to keep the space and comfort of a conventional bed while getting mobility assistive devices and other items to improve their safety and comfort.   

Be More Independent: Help yourself instead of relying on others! Poll after poll has shown senior citizens would prefer to stay in their homes rather than move to nursing homes. In the case of elderly spouses living at home, the caregiver is at great risk of injury (because of lifting issues) and if the caregiver is injured, then both spouses are in great need of help. These bed mobility products greatly reduce the risk of injury to the caregiver. Many disabled people—stroke patient, amputees, MS, Parkinson's, arthritis, wheelchair users, etc.—could use the assistance provided by these innovative mobility products. There are many people with mobility problems who would prefer sleeping in a conventional bed instead of a 36-inch-wide hospital bed (for example, to sleep with one's spouse or just to have more space) if there are assisting devices that allow them to be self-sufficient in movement. A 36-inch-wide trapeze bar allows easy assistance for maneuvering in bed or getting in/out of bed. Pivoting assist rails allow gripping and solid support to aid as well. Due to high medication needs, people can become lightheaded when first rising—the balance pole allows them to steady themselves before grabbing the walker or wheelchair (vs. falling down and getting injured). There are many other features available to help a person with mobility difficulties be more independent, safe, and comfortable.

Why be forced to sleep in a narrow Hospital Bed? If only mobility assistance is needed, then sleep in the type of bed you prefer!
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